Survivor’s Speak!

We are so proud to show you our first entry for RCASA’s ‘Survivor’s Speak!’ page.

a quote from the artist….

“I created this piece in charcoal over 20 years ago in a college drawing class. At the time, I was just exploring an idea where the hair that falls across a young woman’s face blends seamlessly into the background, creating a void that is both behind and in front of the woman.

At the time, I was still struggling to reclaim myself, and not doing a great job at it.

Coming across it years later, I feel like it just encompasses so many feelings and experiences up to that point. It represents the act of pulling inward to try to mentally render myself invisible. It represents the shame and self-loathing felt regarding my own reactions, which I was only realizing at the time were quite common. It represents being disconnected from, and unable to find, my core self. It’s emptiness, isolation, sadness, withdrawal, regret, self-loathing, mourning. It’s so many things that, while I try to describe some of it, the words are just not adequate.

But somehow, not knowing it at the time, I was able to put a lot of it into one drawing.”


If you are a victim of sexual assault or if you have been affected by an assault we are calling for submissions.  Please send your works of literature, your art or poems that express your feelings or your experience.  You can send one piece or multiple pieces that can be posted over extended period of time.

We ask that you send your piece to survivor@rcasa.org we will review it and possibly feature your work on our Survivor webpage.  This is your chance to be heard so please consider sharing…  We will ask the those who submit sign a release, which will be accessible from our website.  Or you can send an anonymous submission via email.  If you would like to get more information please send us and email or visit our website at www.rcasa.org

We look forward to hearing from you!

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