Who We Are

The Rappahannock Council Against Sexual Assault is a non-profit in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  We are the only agency in central Virginia that specializes in the treatment of survivors of sexually violent crimes.  We not only serve survivors of their families, but also work to educate the community and prevent sexually violent crimes.  Our 24-hour hotline receives phone calls from across the country, as close to home as Fredericksburg and as far away as Oregon.

We hope to utilize this blog as a place of communication where we will work with non-profits with similar goals and individuals who are interested in our cause.  Here we will highlight not only our current events, but the relevant current events that are happening world-wide.  For more information, please visit our website www.rcasa.org.

To contact RCASA, please send an email to info@rcasa.org

  1. I’ve been down the road of childhood sexual abuse/rape when I was a teen. I am now in my 50’s. Please see my blog @beendownthatroad.wordpress.com.

  2. Out here at Cottonwood Commons Transition Home in Deer Lodge, MT we follow your blog because it’s a GREAT resource. Thanks for all of your factual and helpful posts. These issues effect us all, no matter where we are, so we all need to work together to make an impact!

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