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In Sexual Assault Awareness on July 1, 2012 at 5:50 am

This month I’ve learned a great deal about LGBTQ issues and how they effect individuals from getting the help they need.   I was surfin’ the internetz and came across a POP QUIZ!

I love a pop quiz, even as a kid I would get kinda jittery and excited to show my skills at a pop quiz!  Just like when I procrastinate to the last minute I see great results, I always did better on pop quizzes than when I KNEW a test was coming and I had tons of time to prepare.  Character flaw, I know!

So I sat down, printed the quiz out and took it…BTW I passed with flying colors!  Here is your chance to shine too, or figure out where you could brush up on the subject.

If you are going to be a volunteer like I am at RCASA, or another agency it is really helpful to know who you are talking to, how they identify, and how you can respectfully discuss the situation/s they face.

The first way is just having compassion.  Everyone is different and deserving of love, respect, and kindness.

Another way is by educating yourself…this is where the pop quiz comes in.  This quiz is a self test to see how much you know about gender identity, sexual orientation, and gender expression.

This is coming directly from the Advocates for Youth website. Which worked with the Coalition for Education on sexual orientation to make this quiz.

Word Bank

Sex (biological sex) Gender identity
Heterosexuality Queer
Gender Isolation
Bisexuality Lesbian
Sexual orientation Primary sex characteristics
Transgender Same-gender loving
Homosexuality Questioning
Coming out Two-Spirit
Female-to-male Crossdressers
Male-to-female Sexual reassignment surgery
Gender expression Secondary sex characteristics
Sexual minority Men who have sex with men


Fill in the Blank

  1. _______________________ Native American term for a person born with one biological sex and fulfilling at least some of the gender roles assigned to both sexes; considered part male and part female or wholly male and wholly female; often revered as a natural peace maker, healer, and shaman
  2. ______________________ Having the genitalia, chromosomes, and hormones of females or males
  3. ______________________ An umbrella term for all individuals who are outside the boundaries of biological sex and culturally determined gender expression
  4. ______________________ A woman who feels romantic, emotional, and sexual attraction to other women
  5. ______________________ Feeling romantic, emotional, and sexual attraction to both males and females; a normal sexual orientation of no known cause
  6. ______________________ Physical characteristics that appear at puberty, including pubic hair as well as facial and chest hair (males) and breasts (females)
  7. ______________________ Process of becoming aware of one’s sexual orientation, accepting it, and sharing it with at least a few others
  8. ______________________ A term from the African American/black GLBTQ community and used by people of color who may see ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’ as terms of the white GLBTQ community
  9. ______________________ Social and cultural expression of biological sex
  10. ______________________ Feeling romantic, emotional, and sexual attraction to those of the opposite sex; a normal sexual orientation of no known cause
  11. ______________________ Characteristics present at birth and used to identify the sex of the infant — specifically, the penis and scrotum of males; the vulva, vagina, clitoris, and labia of females
  12. ______________________ The ways in which an individual communicates gender to others through behavior, clothing, hairstyle, voice, and/or emphasis or de-emphasis of bodily characteristics
  13. ______________________ A once derogatory term that has been reclaimed by some members of the GLBTQ community; an umbrella term for people whose sexual orientation and/or gender identity does not conform to mainstream cultural norms or models
  14. ______________________ A term to describe males who engage in sexual behaviors with other men; includes men who self-identify as heterosexual as well as gay and bisexual men
  15. ______________________ Being born with some degree of ambiguity in regard to genitalia and/or reproductive system
  16. ______________________ A person born biologically female who identifies as a male and takes on the sex, gender, and identity of a male through surgery, medications, mannerisms, dress, and/or behavior
  17. ______________________ Romantic, emotional, and sexual attraction to others, categorized by the sex of the people to whom one is attracted
  18. ______________________ Preferred term for people who usually identify with their own sex and gender but who sometimes wear the clothing, jewelry, etc., of the other gender to fulfill emotional needs
  19. ______________________ Being unsure of one’s sexual orientation and/or gender identity or feeling uncomfortable with the available categories (i.e., gay, straight, male, female, etc.)
  20. ______________________ The state of feeling alone and apart from others and a cause of deep psychological distress in humans as in other social animals
  21. ______________________ Surgical procedures to modify one’s primary and/or secondary sex characteristics
  22. ______________________ A person born male who self-identifies as female and takes on the sex, gender, and identity of a female through medications, surgery, mannerisms, dress, and/or behaviors
  23. ______________________ Feeling romantic, emotional, and sexual attraction to members of the same sex; a normal sexual orientation of now known cause
  24. ______________________ One’s innermost sense of self as male or female, as lying somewhere between these two genders, or as outside gender lines altogether
  25. ______________________ An umbrella term for anyone whose sexuality is expressed in less common ways; may include people who self-identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, Two-Spirit, third gender, and so on









1) Two-Spirit; 2) sex (biological sex); 3) transgender; 4) lesbian; 5) bisexuality; 6) secondary sex characteristics; 7) coming out; 8) same-gender loving; 9) gender; 10) heterosexuality; 11) primary sex characteristics; 12) gender expression; 13) queer; 14) men who have sex with men; 15) intersex; 16) female-to-male; 17) sexual orientation; 18) crossdressers; 19) questioning; 20) isolation; 21) sexual reassignment surgery; 22) male-to-female; 23) homosexuality; 24) gender identity; 25) sexual minority.



Good luck!


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