What Do You Know About Transgender Survivors of Sexual Violence?

In Sexual Assault Awareness, Therapy on June 28, 2012 at 5:00 am

Transgender indivdiuals are people whose gender identity may not match their sex assigned at birth. The transgender community includes anyone who might identify with this defintion. Someone who is transgender may not necessarily want or seek sexual reassignment surgery, which is important to keep in mind when working with trans* survivors. Members of the transgender community face many of the same barriers as the rest of the LGBT community, as well as their own set of issues related to transphobia lack of understanding about the transgender community.

Quick Facts About Transgender Survivors of Sexual Assault:

Approximately 1% of the U.S. population is transgender.
Approximately 30% of transgender individuals have been assaulted by an intimate partner.
Approximately 48% of transgender individuals are raped or assaulted more than once in their lifetime.
82% of transgender individuals that have been assaulted do not report their assault to authorities.
42% of transgender who have experienced sexual assault(s) say that gender was a contributing factor.

Tomorrow we will also be talking about the Transgender community, so make sure to check out that post as well!
Retrieved from:

Fact Sheet:  Transgender Survivors of Sexual Violence


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