Resources for LGBTQ Youth

In Education, Prevention on June 19, 2012 at 5:00 am

There are a lot of excellent resources on the web for teens these days promoting healthy relationships. However, not all of these resources are LGBTQ inclusive. It’s important to find inclusive resources because LGBTQ youth need healthy models for relationships too, and they may have less places to turn when they have questions or need help.  Here is a short list of websites and resources that are inclusive of LGBTQ individuals:

Love is Respect

Great site about healthy/unhealthy relationships, with specific sections for LGBTQ youth, including a section that addresses possible barriers to getting help.

That’s Not Cool

Doesn’t have any LGBTQ specific content necessarily, but the intro video on the front page features two female characters (they’re phones) who are in a relationship.


There is A LOT of information on this website, it is a little bit overwhelming. There are some sections that deal specifically with relationship/sexual violence on the page titled “Queer Living.” I decided to include it on here because it does have a lot of good information for LGBTQ youth in general and there are a group of peer advocates that are available for individuals to contact with questions.

The Red Flag Campaign

College campaign that has posters that are inclusive of LGBTQ relationships.

Know Your Power

Another bystander intervention poster campaign, intended for college campuses. Also includes posters that feature LGBTQ individuals.

Unfortunately this list is short because there are just not that many resources out there.  I think it’s also important to acknowledge that while all of these websites say LGBT that (with the exception of YouthResource, which still does not address the relationship aspect)  none of them are representative of transgender individuals. While there are no specific resources for trans* youth that I have come across, FORGE has a good fact sheet about abusive behaviors specifically used against transgender victims (and also a list of abusive behaviors if a transgender person is the abuser).

If you have any good resources to share with us, please let us know in the comments!


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