RCASA Therapy Thursday: Sexuality Exists On A Continuum

In Sexual Assault Awareness on June 7, 2012 at 5:00 am

Alfred Kinsey began research on sexuality in 1938 in preparation for a course he was preparing to teach on marriage. Dr. Kinsey was a pioneer in research on sexuality as the topic was rarely discussed openly during this time. Dr. Kinsey’s findings from 18,000 interviews created a good deal of controversy at the time. Dr. Kinsey published his findings in “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male” in 1948. Dr. Kinsey administered a scale where he asked individuals to rate their own sexuality and found that many individuals did not consistently or neatly fit into one category. In his writing, Kinsey discusses how human sexuality lies on a continuum. People are complex beings who do not always fit in neat categories. In addition, Dr. Kinsey noted that individuals’ sexual orientation according to his self rated scale often changed at different points over time. Dr. Kinsey’s research made the public aware of the lack of research and misinformation individuals often had about sexuality. Today the Kinsey Institute continues research on sex to promote healthy sexuality and a more informed public.


All information was taken from The Kinsey Institute: http://www.kinseyinstitute.org/services/index.html



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