RCASA Volunteer Corner

In Sexual Assault Awareness on June 3, 2012 at 5:07 am

A friend of a friend called me recently, this isn’t someone I know personally, just someone I was introduced to through the drive through at work (remember that coffee shop?).

“So, George (name changed) told me you volunteer at the sexual assault help place in town.


“I sure do, haven’t been there as much as I might like lately, but yes.  Are you interested in volunteering?  I can give you the office pho–”


“—Oh, no.  I wish there was a place like that I could go to. 


“Uuuum, you and well, anyone can come to RCASA.”


“But, I’m queer!”




“They won’t believe, or be able to help me Jennifer.  No one would believe a straight guy did it to me.”



This is something I hadn’t heard from anyone before, the thought that RCASA wasn’t for them, that RCASA couldn’t help them.  RCASA can help.


—Sometimes someone will ask me


“how do you treat an LGTBQ person that calls the hotline or comes in the office?”  My answer is, like any person, a person who is deserving of Respect and Appreciation and the right to a life free of sexual assault.


While volunteering at RCASA I have met individuals from every walk of life, from the office to the counselors, and from the other volunteers to clients.  All of them open and ready to help anyone that calls the hotline or walks in the door.


So!  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer awesome, you will get to meet and interact with tons of different people.


If you are, or know someone who needs help, please call

RCASA’s FREE CONFIDENTIAL 24 hour, 7 day a week hotline. 540.371.1666

We are here for you, no matter your sex, age, sexual orientation, or gender identification.



  1. I am so extremely happy to know that there actually people who not only care, but are trying to help victims of sexual assault. Even though I live in Pakistan and I’m only fifteen years of age, I have severe hatred for such crimes which include sexual violence and I especially despise prostitution and it would mean the whole wide world to me if there were organisations in my country that would fight against prostitution. In my country, it is a taboo to even talk about such topics. But I really badly wish to be able to have some sort of contact with individuals and organisations who can help me try to stop prostitution and other such crimes. Nevertheless, this really brightened my day and raised my hopes and spirits! 🙂

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