RCASA Therapy Thursday: Meet Our New Intern Beth!

In Therapy on April 12, 2012 at 5:00 am

Hello everyone, I am a new intern with RCASA. I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to introduce myself as RCASA is a very busy place. My name is Elizabeth. I obtained my bachelors degree from Lynchburg College with a major in Psychology and double minor in gender studies and elementary education. I recently graduated with my Masters in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in counseling from Loyola University in Maryland.

 During my graduate education, I had the opportunity to complete a few externships and gain valuable experience. I completed my first two externships at Johns Hopkins Alcohol and Addiction center. I had expected to learn a great deal about addiction and coping skills, which I did, but I also learned a great deal more. I learned how to be tough and supportive at the same time. I was reminded how much I appreciated honesty from others. I learned that you can learn something from the most unexpected of sources. Most importantly, my clients taught me “fake it until you make it.” Now I keep at each new challenge until I overcome it, accomplish something, or simply learn from it.

 My third and fourth externship experiences were at an inpatient hospital. At this site I completed assessments, facilitated individual meetings with patients, facilitated couples meetings, led thought processing groups, and completed case management duties. I learned a great deal about treating the entire person rather than addressing just the symptoms. I learned about community resources, support groups, and how to incorporate family into treatment. I also was exposed to music and expressive therapy.

 During my graduate experience, I also worked at a rehabilitation day program with chronically mentally ill patients. I assisted patients in creating and reaching their recovery goals. I taught a smoking cessation class and took clients on community outings.

 Now I am interning as a therapist for RCASA as I work towards my goal as a licensed professional counselor in the state of Virgina. I have truly enjoyed the experience so far and have learned a great deal more already. No matter how old you are, there is always something to learn. I am truly honored to work with such a great group of people. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to introduce myself.

  1. Good luck to you! Thanks for being willing to use all of your years of education to help others. (Did you know the government will forgive student debt after a certain amount of time in non-profit service?)

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