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Comfort Collection for Survivors of Sexual Assault

An opportunity to help RCASA!

Okay, so you know I’m a volunteer, and remember I told you I work at a coffee shop.  My store likes to do things that give back to the community, so we decided as a store to put together and opportunity to help RCASA!  We are all donating items for RCASA’s hospital bags!

It’s easy.  It’s helpful.  It’s AWESOME!  We need YOUR help!


All you have to do is bring a NEW (sorry, no gently used items) piece of clothing to the Southpoint Starbucks for RCASA’s hospital bags
RCASA offers free hospital accompaniment services to survivors of sexual assault.  A bag of NEW clothing and minor toiletries is brought to every survivor met at the hospital after an assault.  We will be collecting, organizing and stuffing bags with items needed for these important bags.

The items we need for these bags are:

Lounge, Sweat or, PJ Pants



These items can be for a female or male of any age from 3-103.

The collection begins…TODAY!!  The last day we will be collecting items is April 30th.  That’s more than a month!If you get together with friends, family or, neighbors to collect items as a group and end up with a HUGE HAUL, we can arrange to have someone (ME) pick it up locally.   You can contact me to discuss this.

The site of the collection is:

The SOUTHPOINT Starbuck’s store, located at– 9907 Southpoint Parkway. Fredericksburg, VA 22407  (This is the only store collecting at this time.  Stay posted for updates.)  Here is a map!

Here is a link to Starbucks Community Service Website, I posted a listing there too.

***********  I can’t wait to see and meet LOTS of you!  Ask for Jenn when you come in, I’d LOVE to personally Thank you!*********************



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