Therapy Thursday’s: Creative Healing

In Sexual Assault Awareness, Therapy on March 15, 2012 at 5:00 am

Art Journal Prompts for Self-Expression and Creative Healing:

  1. Find a picture that represent you and create a drawing around it. Think about how this image represents you. How does the environment you build around your image represent the world around you?
  2. Draw or Write: My strengths are…
  3. Draw a shelf of objects that symbolizes the things, places, people, and events of your life. Let the objects tell the story your life events.
  4. Explore the absence of light. Create a drawing at night. Weather permitting- take your materials to a safe place outdoors. What is the atmosphere of the night, the air quality, and the nature of light? You can also create your drawing indoors in a way that you are looking outside through a window or doorway. How does the night affect you?
  5. Draw or write in response to the phrase “add fuel to the fire”.
  6. The Shape of Fear: Depict your fear visually. What colors is it? What shapes? What lines? It is representational? Is it abstract? What can you do in response to it?
  7. Draw a safe place. How does it look? What does it smell like? What does it sound like? Is it protected? How so? Who lives there? Does anyone live there?
  8. What are you grateful for? Use three pages. On one page depict what you are grateful for in others. On the second page depict what you are grateful for in yourself. On the third depict what you are grateful for in your community.
  9. Draw or Write: I survived because…
  10. Draw your life as a river.
  11. Draw a superhero! What is hers/his secret identity? What are hers/his superpowers? How did she/he get the powers? Why does she/he fight crime? Who is her/his supervillian? Is there someone in your life that is like your supervillian?
  12. Write: The hardest this I have ever done…
  13. Pick one word that describes you right now. Create an image around that word.
  14. Where do you find your joy? Write or draw about it!
  15. Draw an unforgettable dream. What was the tone of the dream? What words would you use to describe the dream? What happened in the dream? Was it realistic? Was it believable? Does this dream happen over and over again?
  16. Happiness is… Draw a picture about what it is like to be happy. Write about all the things that you feel happy about. Create lists about the following categories: People, Places, Things, Activities (I Feel Happy About). Write a poem that starts with “Happiness is…”
  17. Write a poem called “I Need”
  18. Create your own fairy tale. Make yourself the central character. Invent characters, places, and situations. Characters can be fictional or based on real people.
  19. Write a personal theme song.
  20. You always have the option to free-write or free-draw. Express yourself!
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