Write It Down!

In Sexual Assault Awareness on February 9, 2012 at 5:00 am

Journaling is one of the most suggested and helpful coping strategies. Journaling allows you to get your thoughts down and often can bring forth feelings and specific details never before realized. Some of us, however, do not enjoy journaling as much as others. There are some alternatives to journaling with a pen and paper. Typing a journal is much quicker and may be more efficient. This allows us to get our thoughts down without the use of pen or paper. Less resources are used, and color, size, and font style are still options. Similarly, blogging is another excellent way to get your thoughts and reactions down, as well as get contributions from outside observers. Blog sites such as thoughts.com or blogger.com offer free blog sites to share with family and friends. Making video journal entries can also be used as an alternative. Using a webcam or video camera can make journaling quick and easy. You can keep these files on your computer to access later. Journaling is one of the most effectice coping strategies available, so if the thought of taking time to write down your thoughts does not appeal to you, find another way to share your story.


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