Halloween Safety From Case Management

In Sexual Assault Awareness on October 29, 2011 at 9:37 am

Halloween is almost upon us, and with the recent abduction attempts in Spotsylvania, parents should be considering children’s safety first.  Kidsafefoundation.org was teaching a prevention class, and came up with these recommendations based on what the students told them they were aloud to do on Halloween.

  • Use the Buddy System – seems like common sense, but many kids are telling us they are walking around by themselves.  If your child does not have a group you need to go with them, (many of the kid’s say their moms claim they “have” to stay home to give out candy – REALLY? That is more important than keeping your child safe? NO!) Set a time you will walk around with your child, and then come home and give out candy. A win – win!
  • Only go to people’s homes you know. (Children tell us they are allowed to go to every house in their neighborhood.)
  • Tell your children to NEVER go inside someone’s house. (Children shared some pretty frightening stories about knocking on the door and being told to come in and get candy. We won’t go into details about the frightening situation that occurred, however even if our children may not understand the danger of going into a house – you do!) So before your child goes trick or treating sit down and have a discussion about the rules.
  • Tell your children NOT eat any candy until you have looked it over and deemed it “SAFE.” (And you have picked out some of the favorites for yourself.)
  • Tell your children to not go near dogs that you do not know. (One student shared a near miss attack by a pit-bull last year.)
  • If your children are going out with their friends and not with a grown-up, make sure you set up designated times for them to “check in” in with you.
  • Walk on the sidewalk if there is one. (If they are walking, especially on the street and wearing dark costumes, a flash light is highly recommended.)
  • Do not talk to anyone driving by in a car. (Remind them that adults they do not know should not be asking kids for help – they should be asking other adults.) If approached they need to report this to a grownup immediately

Holloween should be a fun holiday, but let’s keep it safe as well.  Happy Halloween!




  1. You might be interested in this research study about child sex crime rates around Halloween and podcast with the study’s authors: http://sax.sagepub.com/content/suppl/2009/10/27/21.3.363.DC1

    – James Cantor

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