Thursday: Visual Journaling

In Sexual Assault Awareness on October 20, 2011 at 1:05 am

                Everyone has a story that influences their thoughts and actions. Journaling helps bring these stories to life. Through journaling you can understand your lifestyle, cope with life events, and engage with the choices you have made. Journaling through written and visual journals can encourage reflection. Through journaling you can address experiences, relationships, hopes, fears, and many other thoughts that are hard to express to others. Sometimes, images can express feelings and emotional reactions that words cannot. The act of creating art can allow an inner thought to be expressed- even if it is abstract and/or hard to process verbally. Through visual journaling those events and thoughts can be expressed, even if the emotions around them are confusing. Visual journaling can promote expression of past events, current experiences, and continuing growth. Journaling can provide insight through art making, combining art with text, and reflection on the journal entries. Combining both art making and responsive writing can be particularly effective in reflecting on experiences. Written responses to your art work can bring visual and feeling-based thoughts together with verbal and thought-based thoughts. The visual journal is a place to explore your internal and external environments that shape yourself. It is an opportunity to investigate and integrate your life experiences into your concept of self.
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