RCASA Volunteer Corner

In Sexual Assault Awareness on August 21, 2011 at 6:10 am

I can’t even begin to express how disgusted, tired, and just plain sick of hearing about celebrities, sports stars, and politicians sexually assaulting people.


Stop Assaulting Other People.


Here’s a list of some on the ‘Wall of Shame’ from wherestheoutrage.org.

How about the comments from this guy?

What about this football player?

We all remember this heavy hitter.

We can’t even begin to talk about all of the political assaults and scandals.

Don’t forget this ongoing case.


Stop Assaulting Other People.


Why do we as a society keep letting these people act as role models?

Why do we continue to promote, accept, encourage, and pay these people to behave atrociously?

How is a celebrity that rapes children any different than the convicted sex offender down the street?

They aren’t.

Why do parents let their children associate themselves with celebrities that assault other people?

They certainly wouldn’t let them wear a jersey with the name of an average convicted sex offender on it.


I wish more people would speak up and tell celebrities it is NOT ACCEPTABLE to assault anyone, no matter who they are.


I’m saying it right now.

I don’t care if you are a celebrity, politician, or college student; Stop Assaulting Other People.


  1. Right Lauren. We need to be SHOCKED by violence, not complacent about it. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Thank you for this post! It is so discouraging to watch what the world lets money and fame get away with. If we did not support their careers and we boycotted what they do, maybe there would be an incentive to stop themselves. What happens then is that these acts are then viewed as less significant and people become desensitized to this disgusting violence. Thank you for calling attention to it.

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