Prevention Tuesday

In Sexual Assault Awareness on August 2, 2011 at 1:23 am

Last Tuesday’s prevention blog was based around the evolution of the sexual assault prevention movement; the old versus the new.  The old way of preventing sexual assault was based around telling men not to rape and telling women the steps that they needed to take not to be raped.  Well, 30+ more years and sexual assault statistics remaining the same has shown us that this approach is not extremely effective.  Enter the new mode of sexual violence prevention: primary prevention and the movement to change a culture.  A task, when worded like this, sounds rather daunting and impossible.  But sexual violence prevention has been catapulted onto the forefront and has remained there for several years, which means that it is continuously evolving and improving.

To exemplify this, the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance is hosting a Building Healthy Futures conference beginning tomorrow which is solely based around the primary prevention of sexual and intimate partner violence.  So check back next Tuesday to read about the next stage of how to prevent these crimes from occurring; I’ll walk you through the conference highlights and all the reasons to stay focused on prevention for another year.


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