RCASA Volunteer Corner

In Sexual Assault Awareness, Volunteer on July 31, 2011 at 10:58 am

Daily ways you can secretly volunteer…just for fun today!
Make an impact on someone’s day one little thing at a time!

Open a door for someone

Pick up a piece of paper left on the street

Say “Good Morning” to someone you don’t know

Add a quarter to someone else’s meter

Say “thank you” to the grocery clerk

Truly listen to someone

Say “good job” for a job well done


Donate your used clothes and toys

Join a committee

Let someone else go first in line

Give your used magazines away

Note good service on your waiter’s ticket…better yet, tell their boss personally what exceptional service you received.

Send a hand written note of thanks to someone when they least expect it

Say “Have a great evening” to the stranger that hold the door for you.

Switch seats with someone on the metro if they’ve been separated by a family member or friend

Print on both sides of the page

Pretend your Monday at work is a Friday!

Refer a potential volunteer to another agency who might better fulfill a volunteer’s interests and passion

Give the next person in line at the grocery store your leftover coupons

Walk, take the bus or ride your bike to work

Learn about a new organization and how they engage volunteers and community

Don’t “almost” make a difference, make it happen!


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