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In Sexual Assault Awareness on July 24, 2011 at 8:18 am

So, I was thinking the other day…I do that sometimes.  I was thinking about my responsibility and my obligation as a mandated reporter in the position I have volunteered for at RCASA.

After the 40 hours of training and the certification is finished you (the volunteer) become a mandated reporter in the state of Virginia.

What exactly is a mandated reporter in Virginia?

According to the Code of Virginia a mandated reporter “is someone who is listed in the Code of Virginia or has received training in recognizing and reporting suspected child abuse and neglect, you are required by law to immediately report your concerns to the local department of social services or to the Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline.”

Some professions that are mandated reporters include:
Persons licensed to practice medicine
or any of the healing arts;
Hospital residents or interns;

Persons employed in the
nursing profession;

Social workers;

Eligibility workers in a local
department of social services;

Probation officers;

Teachers or other persons employed
in a public or private school, kindergarten,
or nursery school;

Persons providing full or part-time child
care for pay on a regular basis;

Mental health professionals;

Law enforcement officers;

Professional staff persons employed by
a public or private hospital, institution, or
facility in which children are placed;

Persons associated with or employed by
any private organization responsible for
the care, custody, and control of children;

Anyone can call and report suspected child abuse or neglect, the difference is as a mandated reporter you are legally responsible.  That is a big obligation no one should take lightly and something you should think about when you are planning on volunteering…anywhere.



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