Tuesday: Prevention Tip to Solve all Sexual Assault

In Sexual Assault Awareness on July 19, 2011 at 1:00 am

Sooo….I found a 100% solution that will end for all eternity sexual and intimate partner violence….

Ready for it?!?!?!





Don’t Rape/Assault Each Other!

That’s it. That is the only way to truly, one hundred percent, prevent sexual assault/rape. It is that simple.

So much of our prevention efforts place the responsibility on the victim to prevent rape/assault. We have RAD classes (Rape Aggression Defense), we have keychains with pepper spray, ‘watch your drinks!,’ put your keys in between your fingers, never go out alone, ‘check your back seat!,’ Rape-aXe, ‘clearly say “NO!,’” scream, kick, punch, gouge, don’t go down that dark alley, ‘don’t wear THAT!,’ RUN!, don’t go up to his room….etc.

There is something clearly wrong with this list. We only tell women to do these things. Ask any man what he does on a daily basis to prevent being raped and you know what he’ll say?

‘Stay out of jail.’

What this is evidence of is that we are clearly putting the responsibility on the victims, and we are naming ‘women’ as the victim. The truth is that men are raped as well. Men are raped by men and men are raped by women. But to be a ‘rape victim’ is not an acceptable label for men. Men are SOOOO desiring of sex, and ‘ready to go’ at all times, that they can only be raped by other men, not women.

We need to look at and examine why it is that so many men are raping women, and why so much rape occurs. For all of the efforts that RCASA puts into our communities, rape can only be prevented if no one is raping anyone. The only way.

So stop raping each other.


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