RCASA Saturday with Case Management: People more profitable than drugs!

In Sexual Assault Awareness on July 16, 2011 at 7:00 am

Okay so I was listening to the news the other day.  I heard something I already knew about but for some reason it hit my spirit in a different way.  When I heard it over the news, it shocked me.  So everyone knows that California has a large gang population.  Historically, gangs have fought over their branding, their turf, and when drugs came on the scene, it became about drug production and sales.  So these gangs have now tapped into a new market and they are joining forces to do it!  While I am quite sure that gangs have been doing it prior to this, CNN just made it national news.  And sadly, while we need to know what is going on in our world…if gangs didn’t have the know how before, they know now! 

Gangs join forces to prostitute women

Each day, a woman we’ll call Jessica, spent hours on the internet posting provocative photos of herself and fishing for clients who would pay her to have sex.

Jessica worked as a prostitute in the booming internet sex trade. But she didn’t work for herself. She says she had a pimp who set a quota of $1,000 a day – money that took about 10 dates to earn.

Jessica told me she was afraid of her pimp who is a gang member. If she didn’t work, she didn’t eat, saying she once went 5 days without food.

Two years ago, when she was a 19-year-old runaway, she says she became the physical property of a California gang, where prostitutes, many of them under age, are often branded with tattoos bearing gang insignias or their pimps’ name.

Lt. Valencia Saadat with the Oceanside, California Police Department says law enforcement is beginning to look at prostitutes as potential victims of sex trafficking.

Three warring gang factions in Oceanside laid down their weapons to form what investigators say is a profitable business enterprise to traffic and prostitute women and girls throughout California.


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