RCASA Sunday: Volunteer Corner

In Advocacy, Medical Accompaniment, Systems Advocacy, Volunteer on July 10, 2011 at 8:24 am

Are you looking to give back to the community?  Do you feel an intense desire to help victims of rape or sexual abuse?  Well, you have reached the right place.  The Rappahannock Council Against Sexual Assault, is always in need of volunteers.  Below are some quick FAQs about volunteering:

What does a RCASA volunteer do?

Volunteers help staff the 24-hour crisis hot line by signing up to be on-call. Each volunteer signs up for on-call shifts throughout the month, depending on what their schedule will allow. If someone calls the hot line, a volunteer will be responding to the caller directly. Calls are made by survivors of sexual assault, their friends or family members, area professionals, law enforcement, social workers and many others. Volunteers provide non-judgmental support, information, crisis intervention, and a listening ear to survivors of sexual violence. Volunteers also help support our 24-hour hospital accompaniment services after completing level 3 training provided by RCASA.  

What is hospital accompaniment?

If a victim decides to report the crime to police, a forensic medical exam may be performed. This exam is done at the hospital. Volunteers, also known as advocates, accompany the victim to the hospital. Advocates help the victim, or family and friends understand the medical process and can act as a liaison between the victim, hospital staff, and law enforcement.  

Are there other ways to volunteer besides direct service?

Absolutely! Volunteers can work behind the scenes by helping out at the office or at our fund raising events. We also present programs to the community and if you don’t mind a little public speaking, you are welcome to help us raise awareness about sexual violence.

 What are the requirements?

Volunteers must complete up to 32 hours of training depending upon what level and interest they have. Fill out an application, make decision on level of commitment to the volunteer program, must have a criminal background check, and interview with a staff member. No experience is needed; everything you need to know to be a great volunteer is covered in training. Volunteers for direct service must be 18 years of age.

 Level 1: Office Support

4 hours of training

3 month commitment

Level 2: Outreach Information

20 hours of training

6 month commitment

Level 3: Crisis Response

40 hours of training

1 year commitment

If you are interested please contact us by phone 540-371-6771 or volunteer@rcasa.org.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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