RCASA Volunteer Corner

In Sexual Assault Awareness on July 3, 2011 at 8:16 am

So this has been one of those weeks where I don’t feel like the greatest volunteer.  For the next 3 weeks I have a V.E.R.Y. limited amount of time that I can spend doing anything outside of schoolwork.

I wasn’t able to make it into the office, but I did close down the Art of Surviving show at Germanna Community College.  It was an afternoon of taking down, packing, loading artwork, and some cleaning for good measure.

Well, I guess not a total failure for the week, just less than I had hoped.  I guess I just need to celebrate the small successes.  The time I spent cleaning up the art show was time someone at the office was able to devote to a survivor, exactly where their attention belongs.

See, even a little time helps.


Jennifer G. is an undergraduate student studying Studio Art, she volunteers at the Rappahannock Council Against Sexual Assault and is planning on pursuing her Master’s Degree in Art Therapy and Counseling.   Jennifer loves to make stuff, share with others, and learn.  You can find her day to day ramblings and crafty adventures on her blog Crafty Dayeseye , and keep up with her 365 project  Art Every Day .


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