Honor the men who exemplify non-violence in your life…

In Fundraisers on June 18, 2011 at 9:04 am

Non-violent men are sometimes treated unfairly within the context of sexual violence. We know that most sexual assault is perpetrated by men. But only a tiny percent of men are responsible for these crimes. Unfortunately, this is not the picture painted in the media. Upstanding men are rarely recognized – we only hear about the bad guys!


At RCASA we know that the critical problems we face today would be much worse if not for the people in our community who refuse to condone violence and denigration. We believe that MEN who are fathers, sons, brothers, teachers, coaches and mentors are especially important when it comes to changing attitudes and modeling non-violent behavior.

With this letter, I am asking that you make a contribution to RCASA’s sexual assault prevention and response programs. For spring, we are offering an opportunity for you to honor the men in your life who exemplify real manliness. If you know someone who is part of the solution – perhaps someone who shows boys how to treat girls with honor and respect and without violence and coercion, perhaps someone who has made a difference in your own life – you can use the enclosed remittance envelope to make a gift in their honor. We will add a special insert on our website and post on our blog the names of our community’s Good Guys!


RCASA is skilled at stretching donated funds. We offered group therapeutic services for clients with co-occurring disorders for the first time this year. We were also able to leverage volunteer support into new opportunities – we provided advanced training for several volunteer advocates qualifying them to crisis intervention services in the hospital.  Last year, we served over 500 clients for intervention services and over 1200 youth for prevention services.


We have accomplished a great deal, but we have more to do. We must increase available counseling services to reduce client wait-time. We must build program capacity to keep pace with the rapidly increasing number of victims seeking services. RCASA can meet these needs and continue to provide services that are available nowhere else in our community, with your support.


With heartfelt appreciation,

Carol Olson, Executive Director



  1. Thank you to all of you men who are the good guys… Regardless of points of view, or who the women you protect in your life, your support and respect is welcomed. As a 67 year old woman who has had a few frightening encounters while working, shopping and even in an apartment I lived in, I know we are all vulnerable to attack. Last year I had to give up my job to tend to my mother in another state… She passed away a year in September and when I returned to my home, I had no income for my living costs and could not get a job I could handle, get hired for or that would give me enough income to pay my bills. I had to create my own job and it was in women’s security products and family (and computer and auto) fingerprint technology items. These are things I am now supplied with and I want to see every woman at least have a chance to at least get away, run and avoid a sexual assault or even a murder…. I applaud the strong men (gentlemen with inner strength), and honor who support and defend the women in their lives….

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