Tuesdays with Prevention: Women’s History Month

In Sexual Assault Awareness on March 1, 2011 at 10:09 am

March marks Women’s History Month.

…Why do we need a Women’s History Month?

Because every other month is unofficially Men’s History Month.

Having a month in which stories are told by women and from women’s experience is key to equality, and thusly violence prevention. Because history is told by men and of what men have done, the female experience and voice is virtually non-existent.

The movement to end violence began with women. Women, collectively, demanded an end to violence. Feminism was born out of a demand for equal rights and a life free from violence.

We need to celebrate the women we know, the women who inspire us. We need to recognize those women who’ve given voice to radical movements aimed at challenging oppression, not just those whose images are safe for patriarchy’s consumption. Straight-able-white-middle class  women have done some great things, but they aren’t the only ones. Women of color have contributed tremendous amounts of work and vision, and a check to the privilege common to anti-violence/(some)anti-oppression movements.

Without the work of women, there are no rape-crisis centers. Without the work of women there is no sexual assault prevention. We need to honor the work of women every day, every month.

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  2. […] Tuesdays with Prevention: Women’s History Month (rcasa.wordpress.com) […]

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