RCASA Sunday with Case Management:Teen Therapy Support Groups Resume

In Sexual Assault Awareness on January 16, 2011 at 8:00 am

Good Morning all-

RCASA will be resuming the teen support group Monday evenings.  If you are a teen and you have been a victim of sexual assault please consider coming to our teen support groups which will resume this Monday Jan 17th.  The group is a great place to get support, feedback and share with others.  The group is designed for teens ranging in age from 13-17. 

If you think you might be interested please call the office for more information, 540-371-5502.   The first step is to come in and complete an intake. 

There are many benefits to attending a support group and receiving group therapy:

Q.  What is group therapy?

A.  Group therapy is a form of counseling in which a small number of people come together under the guidance of a professionally trained therapist to help themselves and one another. The therapy has been widely used and has been a standard and effective treatment option for over 50 years. In group, not only do students receive tremendous understanding, support, and encouragement from others facing similar issues, but they also gain different perspectives, ideas, and viewpoints on those issues. Group therapy, like individual therapy is a powerful vehicle for growth and change, and is intended to help people who would like to gain support, increase self-awareness, and learn new ways to cope with personal or interpersonal challenges.  

Q.  Why Group Therapy?

A.  Most personal problems are interpersonal in nature. Very often they stem from our relationships or from our personal patterns of relating. Group therapy offers the rare opportunity to explore and understand how you relate to others and get specific feedback on how others react to you.

For many Georgetown students, groups can be more effective and produce quicker results than individual counseling. The lessons group members learn from each other and the chance to work through problems with other people who share similar concerns are what make groups special. Only in group therapy can you directly work on how you relate to others. The group environment of trust and safety can help you build the skills you need to create the same kind of trust and safety in your real life and in classes and work; in residence halls, fraternities and sororities, coops, and apartments; with friends, family, and intimate partners.
The group experience can help you learn about your style of relating, your ability to be close, and your personal effectiveness in relationships, and gives you the unique chance to see how others struggle with these concerns. It also offers the opportunity to explore a broad range of personal concerns (http://www3.georgetown.edu/student-affairs/caps/groups/groups.html#what )

 We will cover many topics in teen group including, healthy relationships, steps to healing, safety planning, just to name a few.  The group will be a good opportunity for you to begin the healing process.  Please call RCASA for more information or to schedule an intake. 540-371-5502


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