RCASA’s Friday Facts: The Defenders

In Friday Facts, Sexual Assault Awareness on January 14, 2011 at 8:00 am

The fight against Sexual Violence takes on all shapes and forms.  Today in Friday Facts we want to highlight an agency that has committed itself to ending sexual exploitation.



Founded in June 2006, The Defenders USA is a coalition of men that are opposed to all forms of commercialized sex. Defenders believe that pornography, prostitution, escort services, strip clubs, peep shows, and erotic massage parlors all contribute to the commercial sex industry, a market that produces nearly 100,000 – 300,000 exploited victims a year—the majority of which are women and children. Through various Defender campaigns, our objective is to provide care for exploited victims through our restoration centers. In addition, we strive to end the demand for sexually explicit material by educating and equipping men to speak out against this destructive trade.

This group seeks to  raise public awareness about the realities of pornography and prostitution, while offering restoration for victims of sex trafficking. Defenders also encourage public discussion and empower activists, political leaders, members of the media, civil society groups, faith-based organizations, and churches to stand against this harmful market.

The Defenders began a campaign called the Truck Stop Campaign.

Through this campaign undercover investigations and interviews have revealed that truck stops are places of commercial sexual exploitation of children. Minors are often transported along transportation routes by pimps, who sell the girls across the United States. Under-age youth who are sex trafficked at truck stops are often given the derogatory label of “Lot Lizards” and are often raped and/or beaten by their buyers and pimps.

If you are interested in getting more information about this organization or starting your own campaign please visit the website below.

All information was obtained from http://www.thedefendersusa.org/about.asp

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