Prevention and Education at RCASA

In Education, Prevention on December 18, 2010 at 7:46 am

Prevention Education

Each year RCASA conducts presentations on bullying, harassment, date/acquaintance rape, rape drugs, and sexual harassment to thousands of students in the PD-16 school districts. Each presentation is geared toward a specific age group and is designed to lead to the elimination of sexual violence in the schools and the community.

Community Education

RCASA provides education to community organizations and businesses throughout PD-16. Presentations cover various topics of sexual assault and abuse, including date/acquaintance rape, rape drugs, sexual harassment, responding to victims of sexual assault, and the general dynamics of sexual assault.

Professional Training

RCASA provides on-going professional trainings. These trainings are open to human services providers, law enforcement, medical professionals, legal professionals, school personnel, daycare providers, counselors, advocates, concerned parents/grandparents, Human Resource managers, religious leaders, and others who provide services throughout the community.

We also provide education to community organizations and businesses on sexual harassment in the workplace, keeping children safe from child molesters, and the general dynamics of sexual assault.

RCASA can provide training and consultation on many subject including Vicarious Trauma (the impact working with trauma survivors has on staff, volunteers, and organizations.)

Community Awareness

RCASA is committed to helping the community STOP sexual abuse. We provide education and support to individuals and groups who want to build the skills and develop strategies to end sexual abuse in their communities. RCASA also attends community events, offering information and support.

To schedule a presentation or training call us at 540.371.6771



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