RCASA’s Wednesday Outreach: Upcoming Events

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Saturday October 16, 2010

21st Annual Harvest Festival

One of the most well attended events in Bowling Green is the annual Harvest Festival.  This year, the 21st Annual Harvest Festival will be held on Saturday, October 16, 2010 from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.  The Harvest Festival happens rain or shine.  Last year’s attendance was estimated between 10,000 and 12,000 fun loving folks of all ages.  The goal each year is to give you a Harvest Festival that is better than the previous year.

For those who have never attended the Harvest Festival and as a reminder for those who have attended, the Town will close Main Street between Broaddus Avenue on the northern end and the Route 301 Bypass at the Town’s Corporate Limit on the southern end.  Additionally, about a block of Milford Street on the western side and about two blocks of Chase Street on the eastern side of the Town’s main intersection in the Downtown district will be closed to accommodate activities.  There will be plenty of parking and informational signs that will help you find the locations.  If you park in other areas of the Town, please park legally, be respectful of access by residents, and ensure unobstructed access by our local Emergency Response crews.  The Bowling Green Police Department and the Caroline County Sheriff’s Department are available to assist you, if needed.

There are many activities and venues to enjoy as you spend the day in Bowling Green.  In consideration of others and for the enjoyment of all,  you are asked to leave your alcoholic beverages and your pets at home.  The Harvest Festival is a family event and  everyone is asked to act accordingly.

Live entertainment will be on the stage at the center of the Harvest Festival.  Local talent will provide a variety of country, rock & roll and popular music.  The various groups will provide continuous entertainment throughout the day, so pull up a hay bale, bring a chair, or just stand and enjoy the musical presentations.

There are plenty of activities for the children to allow them to enjoy the day as well.  The children’s activities may include, but not limited to, face painting and pumpkin painting.  We provide various activities each year to keep our children’s area fresh.  The children can visit the petting zoo and see and touch various animals.  Additionally, clowns will provide their own form of entertainment which always brings a smile to a child’s face.

There are several shows for the enjoyment of all.  Two of the long standing shows are the Annual Car Show and the Antique Tractor Show.  The Car Show is phenomenal and in its 16th year. The large number of cars consume most of North Main Street and a large section of the parking lot in the shopping center at the corner of Broaddus Avenue and North Main Street.  More and more cars enter every year.  For the car owners, this show is a sanctioned event where the cars are judged and awards and trophies are presented. If you are an Antique and Vintage Car lover, this is the show for you.

The Antique Tractor Show is one to behold.  For the Antique Tractor lover, this show is a “must see”.  The tractor owners are happy to tell you all about their tractor, how it was restored, plans for future restoration, or any other topic you want to discuss.  There is always a request to “start it up” and the sound of these antique tractors is music to your ears.  If you are lucky, there may be one or more of these work horses for sale.  Always a popular show and one that is sure to please.  If you have a tractor you want to show, please call Billy Cecil at (804) 633-9249.

The newest show, and in its fourth year, is the Motorcycle Show.  This show is growing in the number of participants each year.  Entries represent regional owners who want to share their love of motorcycles with you.  From the modern to the vintage to the antique, you can see it all.

The  final venue is Antique Alley where several of the local antique shops have items for sale.  There is always a great selection on the street and in the adjacent shops for your shopping convenience.  Shop owners will work with you to hold items after purchase for later pickup so that you can continue to enjoy your day at the Harvest Festival.  It is possible to end your long search for that hard-to-find item in Antique Alley.  Don’t miss it!

At this time of the year, the Farmer’s Market will have special offerings reflective of the season.  Normally, the Farmer’s Market is open between June and September every Saturday.  The farmers and non-profit organizations have two special markets after the growing season.  The first special market is presented at the Harvest Festival and the second is presented at the Annual Christmas Parade in December.  You don’t want to miss the Farmer’s Market and the local items available for purchase.

Last, but not least, are the many vendors who bring their special items and products to the vendor area of the Harvest Festival.  The Bowling Green Harvest Festival is one of the largest, if not the largest regional event occurring in mid-October.  The size of this event draws a number of vendors from the local area, the region, and throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia .  You will also find local churches and organizations (including RCASA!) that have information, homemade and home baked goods, and signature food items available for your enjoyment.  There are also professional food vendors who bring their specialty items from North Carolina and various parts of Virginia for your eating pleasure.  If you choose, there are several restaurants in and around the Harvest Festival area to have a nice, leisurely meal with your family and friends.  The vendors and merchants will appreciate your business.

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