RCASA Case Management Sundays: Kids and Sexual Safety, keeping my privates safe!

In Case Management on October 10, 2010 at 8:00 am

Good Morning everyone.  So by now you know that I am pretty adamant about standing against sexual assault.  I mean really…even my 4-year-old has an opinion about sexual assault!  Well, of course, she doesn’t use the words sexual assault, she says  “protection of her privates!”   

There are some people who may think I have gone to far by talking with my 4-year-old about this issue, but let’s be for real.  How can your child learn to protect him or herself if they don’t know about their?  It’s called awareness.  They need to have a healthy awareness about their bodies.  I mean if we are talking about keeping our children from being victims…this is where it starts!

So I am so eager to hear from people how they feel about that.  Some people cringe at the thought, some people are super liberal and let their children run around naked in front of strangers!  What do your kids think or know about their bodies?  Do they know their body parts?   How do you teach your kids to hold sacred their privates, without making them feel bad about it? 

I used to know a girl who had two small children.  This girl was in a very bad situation, she had been severely abused  (physically and sexually) as a child, she was involved in a very violent relationship and had a serious drug problems.  Well, I remember trying to help her (This many years before I knew about RCASA).   She had already “given” one of the children to someone else.  I remember babysitting the other child sometimes for days… What I will never forget was how she told me she was scared to change the baby’s diaper because she was afraid she would do something…  She didn’t know how she was going to talk to these kids about staying safe…how she was going to teach them to “protect their privates.”  She had never learned about sexual safety.  No one had ever taught her how to keep her privates safe.  She had been victimized, exploited, and assaulted more times than she could remember.

How many more people are like this in the world…the number is unimaginable.  Once again, I urge readers to answer the question… “what can I do?” 

There are many ways you can help. 

First,  start in your own backyard, with your kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews.  There are many online resources and books that help children develop a healthy understanding of their bodies.  Help your kids develop a developmentally appropriate safety plan. 

 Then look at your community, what resources exist in your community?  How can I access or enhance what my community knows about sexual safety…

My friends, the list goes on and on.  You can continue come to our website www.rcasa.org for more information and please call us if you don’t know what to do next. 

Until next Sunday!


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