RCASA’s Tuesday Promising Programs: In Touch With Teens

In Awareness Campaigns, Sexual Assault Awareness on October 5, 2010 at 3:08 pm

In order to help youth develop and maintain healthy, violence-free relationships, Peace Over Violence has been implementing the In Touch With Teens Violence Prevention curriculum in junior high and high schools and other community based youth organizations. The eight-unit curriculum empowers youth to have healthy relationships by providing information about power and control, elements of healthy relationships and healthy sexuality, and media literacy as well as education on sexual harassment, sexual assault, and dating violence. The curriculum further addresses the development of pro-social skills such as empathy, impulse control, effective communication, problem solving, and bystander accountability.

The In Touch With Teens curriculum was selected as one of five model youth-violence prevention programs in the United States (and the only such program from California) by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It was also selected as the relationship-violence curriculum for the ‘Life Skills for the 21st Century’ curriculum of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Unit 1-Roots of Violence: Global & Local

The purpose of this unit is to bring some understanding to teens regarding the root causes of violence occurring in broader society.

Unit 2-Roots of Violence: Power & Control

The purpose of this unit is to explore the dynamics of power and control within a relationship and to determine when behavior becomes abusive and harmful.

Unit 3-Relationship Violence

The purpose of this unit is to challenge commonly held myths teens have regarding frequency and severity of violence in their dating relationships. By altering their attitudes regarding violence and relationships, teens will take the first step toward affecting and promoting change.

Unit 4- Cycle of Violence

The purpose of this unit is to provide teens with the foundation for understanding the Cycle of Violence, and how it traps people in relationships. Knowing how the Cycle of Violence works will aid teens in recognizing and preventing potentially abusive relationships.

Unit 5-Sexual Harassment

The purpose of this unit is to help teens define and identify sexual harassment. It also encourages teens to talk about how harassment makes them feel, and assists teens in developing options and responses to sexual harassment.

Unit 6-Issues of Sexual Assault & Coercive Control

The purpose of this unit is to explore basic issues surrounding sexual assault. By challenging current beliefs about sexual assaults, the facilitator can guide students through a process of reeducation and help them to rethink commonly held misconceptions regarding sexual assault.

Unit 7-Media Impact on Gender & Violence

The purpose of this unit is to explore how media impacts violence in our society and influences our perceptions of ourselves and others.

Unit 8-Building Blocks of a Healthy Relationship

This unit will provide information for teens to help them establish criteria to determine what a healthy relationship is and ways to maintain healthy relationships.

RCASA will be providing this curriculum in several locations this fall. Please call for more information. 540.371.6771.

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