Friday Facts: Top 10 Safety Tips for Back to School Safety on College Campuses

In Education, Friday Facts on September 10, 2010 at 8:00 am

I would like to take a moment and post some tips from RAINN.ORG that are good tips for college campuses. Though these tips are good please take time to know what your campus has to offer for safety tips.

1. Trust your instincts. “If you don’t feel safe or comfortable in any situation, go with your gut,” suggests Jessica Lefler, survivor of acquaintance rape. “Contact your resident assistant or campus police immediately if you see anything suspicious.”

  • RAINN Speakers Bureau Member Jessica Lefler, Miami, FL

2. Avoid being alone with someone you don’t know or trust. “Make sure a dependable friend knows where you are and who you are with,” says Diva Kass, survivor of acquaintance rape.

  • RAINN Speakers Bureau Member Diva Kass, Calabasas, CA

3. Be safe online. “Make sure you don’t share personal information online, such as your phone number, address, or your current location on your social networking pages or status posts; it can endanger your safety,” suggests Breann Artes, survivor of rape. “Be cautious about meeting someone you got to know online, and always meet in a public place.”

  • RAINN Speakers Bureau Member Breann Artes, East Haven, CT

4. Don’t be afraid to intervene if a situation seems questionable. “If a situation seems questionable, don’t be afraid to step up and intervene. If you see someone acting aggressively: speak up and step up–get involved,” says Frank DiCocco, whose close friend was sexually assaulted by an acquaintance. “By getting involved, you could prevent someone from becoming the victim of sexual assault. You could also help prevent someone you know from committing a crime. Either way: if you see something happening that isn’t right, have the courage to do the right thing. Speak up and step up. Do the right thing.”

  • RAINN Speakers Bureau Member Frank DiCocco, Fairfax, VA

5. Watch out for your friends. “If your friend seems too drunk or is acting abnormally, get him or her to a safe place immediately,” says Marnie Goodfriend, survivor of stranger rape. “If you think that you or a friend has been drugged, call 911. Make sure to tell the doctors about your suspicions, so that they know what to test for.”

  • RAINN Speakers Bureau Member Marnie Goodfriend, Los Angeles, CA

6. Practice safe drinking. “Don’t accept drinks from people you don’t know or trust and never leave your drink by itself– if you’ve left your drink alone, just get a new one,” suggests Kristine Honkus, survivor of acquaintance rape. “And always watch your drink being prepared.”

  • RAINN Speakers Bureau Member Kristine Honkus, Williamsport, PA

7. Try not to go out alone at night. Patricia Cumbie, survivor of acquaintance rape, stresses the importance of always walking with someone you trust. “If you’ll be walking home alone, call campus security to walk with you,” she says. “And if possible, take heavily trafficked well lit routes.”

  • RAINN Speakers Bureau Member Patricia Cumbie, Minneapolis, MN

8. Don’t let your guard down. “College campuses can give you a false sense of security. Don’t assume people you’ve just met will take care of you; remember that they are basically strangers,” suggests Kelly Dries, survivor of acquaintance rape.

  • RAINN Speakers Bureau Member Kelly Dries, Baltimore, MD

9. Don’t go off alone at parties. Jessica Frazelle, survivor of acquaintance rape, stresses this importance. “Arrive with your friends, check in with each other throughout the night, and leave together,” she suggests. “Make a secret signal with your friends for when they should intervene if you’re in an uncomfortable situation.”

  • RAINN Speakers Bureau Member Jessica Frazelle, Phoenix, AZ

10. Have a plan. “Make sure you know what to do or who to contact if a situation arises, like the National Sexual Assault Hotline,” says Madeleine Lietz, survivor of stranger rape. “Being prepared is a very important step.”

  • RAINN Speakers Bureau Member Madeleine Lietz. Dublin, CA
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