RCASA’s Saturday Prevention: Statutory Rape Awareness Program

In Advocacy, Education, Outreach, Prevention, Professional Training on August 28, 2010 at 8:00 am

Preventing sexual coercion and exploitation

Understanding the dynamics of sexual exploitation, and recognizing risk factors and coercive techniques, are the first steps to preventing sexual exploitation. Education efforts need to be directed both to older teens, so they can understand the benefit of healthy, non-exploitive relationships, and to young teens, so they can learn to recognize coercive and grooming behaviors for what they are.

The Goal Of The Statutory Rape Awareness Program Is To:

  • ·Raise community awareness of the problem of statutory rape
  • ·Reduce the incidence of statutory rape
  • ·Educate parents and youth service professionals on topic of statutory rape
  • ·Educate youth about sexual coercion

Extent of the problem:

Between 2000 and 2005 there were 3,056 births to teens ages 14 and 15, 71% of information for father’s age was not reported, but where the father’s age was known, 63% of the cases could be estimated to be a felony at time of conception (Virginia Vital Records, birth data 2000-2005)

The Childhood Sexual Assault Victimization in Virginia Report (2004) found of the females and males reporting having non-forced sexual intercourse, 100% of those 12 and under, 85% of those age 13 and 14 and 83% of those age 15-17 would be classified as victims according to Virginia law.

Nationally, statutory rape affects 13% of females and 5% of males at first sex.

Learn more from an educational presentation by RCASA

Trainings use the “Sexual Coercion and Sexual Exploitation of Minor Teens (Statutory Rape) -curriculum module using a short 11 minute video titled – “Crossing the Line: when a sexual relationship is coerced.”


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