RCASA’s Wednesday Outreach: Education and Prevention

In Advocacy, Outreach, Prevention on August 11, 2010 at 8:00 am

RCASA provides education and training on sexual assault and other issues that affect violence in our communities. We offer presentations and trainings for youth, professional staff, community groups and others who are interested. All presentations are age appropriate and can be modified to individual needs.


  • Create and provide cutting-edge, creative curriculums to educational institutions and professional organizations.
  • Provide compassionate education opportunities for those who have been affected by sexual assault.
  • Construct and gather accurate publications that reflect the realities of sexual violence.
  • Act as an energetic community presence through our participation in community events, information and health fairs.
  • Maintain and expand an up to date and bilingual library of information for all those affected by sexual assault or those seeking to increase their awareness of sexual violence and anti-oppression issues.

Professional Staff Training

Train the Trainer

RCASA can work with your professional staff in training them to create and implement prevention education. We will train staff on sexual violence issues and prevention education strategies. We also offer training on how to present specific curriculums.

Working With Survivors of Sexual Assault

Many professionals will encounter stories of sexual abuse in the work that they do. We can train professionals on sexual violence issues and ways to respond to survivors. Trainings include information on survivor reactions, long term impact of sexual violence, reporting sexual violence, available resources and supporting survivors.

Programs for Community Members

RCASA is able to tailor presentations, trainings and groups to your needs. Community educators can work with you in forming a one-time training or an ongoing group.

Programs for Youth

We provide prevention education to middle school and high school students. By making students aware of the factors that contribute to the perpetuation of sexual violence in their community and inspiring self-analysis, thereby creating conscious youth, the program seeks to prevent future sexual violence.

For more information on education or prevention trainings call us at : 540.371.6771 or email education@rcasa.org


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