RCASA’s Wednesday Outreach: Adult Services

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RCASA offers advocacy services to victims of sexual assault and their families. Services for adults include the 24-hour crisis line, medical advocacy for SANE exams, legal advocacy, counseling, referrals and prevention education.

What services do you provide for adults?

  1. 24-hour crisis and information hotline
  2. Crisis counseling
  3. Medical advocacy
  4. Legal advocacy
  5. Counseling for survivors
  6. Other referrals as needed
  7. Support for secondary survivors/victims

What is this service?

  1. 24-hour crisis and information hotline – 1.540.371.1666
  2. Crisis counseling – in person or over the phone, a crisis can include anything from assistance following an assault to working through emotions that may have come up due to a trigger(s), reminding the survivor of the events of her/his attack- a crisis is unique to each person
  3. Medical advocacy – emotional support to survivors during medical exams, evidence collection and/or follow-up treatment. This service can be utilized even if the survivor chooses not to report.
  4. Legal advocacy – emotional support throughout prosecution of the offender, this may also include attending and preparing for court hearings, explaining the legal process and/or working with the Victim’s Assistance Program through the courthouse.
  5. Counseling for survivors – we are trained in working with victims of sexual assault and abuse, we can offer assistance with payment of counseling if the client does not have the means to pay or does not have insurance.
  6. Other referrals as needed – this can include assistance with locating resources for food, clothing, housing, work, etc. We understand that an assault or past abuse ripples throughout all aspects of our lives and we are here to help.
  7. Support for secondary survivors/victims – offering support as well as helpful information to friends, family members and partners of the primary survivor, supporting a survivor’s support system in turn supports the survivor.

Who is eligible for this service?

For all… Any individual whose life has been affected by sexual violence, past or present.

Is it confidential?


How do I enroll in this service?

For all services, make contact with the center either by calling the hotline at any time, or by calling the office line and speaking to our Intake Specialist.

Who do I contact for more information about this service?

You may call the hotline at any time, or call the business line (540.371.6771)

Anything additional that someone would need to know about this service?

Our services are designed to support survivors in any way they need. We can help you to explore options and will never make decisions on your behalf or pressure you in any way.

Adult Resources


I Never Called it Rape, Robin Warshaw
The Ms. Report on recognizing, fighting and surviving date and acquaintance rape

The Rape Recovery Handbook, Aphrodite Matsakis
Step-by-step help for survivors of sexual assault

Recovering from Rape, Linda E. Ledray
Practical advice on overcoming the trauma and coping with police, hospitals and the courts — for the survivors of sexual assault and their families, lovers and friends

Voices of Courage, edited by Michael Domitrz
Inspiration from survivors of sexual assault

The Courage to Heal, Ellen Bass and Laura Davis
A guide for women survivors of child sexual abuse

Websites (sites will open in a new window)

Pandora’s Aquarium, An online support group, message board and chat room for survivors of sexual violence.

Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network

Men Stopping Violence

Male Survivor, Overcoming Sexual Victimization of Boys & Men

Center for Disease Control


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