Family and Childrens Trust Fund recognition of our Latino Program

In Advocacy, Hispanic/Latino on June 20, 2010 at 8:16 am

On June 15th, RCASA’s staff won an award from the Family and Children’s Trust Fund  (FACT) for innovative community collaboration to prevent family violence in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  This recognition is for our Latino’s Services program and community collaborations to create and implement the program.  Last year and the year before, FACT provided funding for RCASA to outreach the Latino community to provide services for sexual assault and sexual abuse victims.

Our Community Partners

RCDV have always provided us invaluable technical advice to design services that were unique for the community and overcome access and language barriers.  They were helpful as we began to seek funding and develop services.

Madre Tierra (Mother Earth) lent us Dilcia Molina, who spent weekly time in the agency helping us develop and implement outreach services.  She remains an invaluable liaison between our agency and the Latino community and volunteer for RCASA.

University of Mary Washington Spanish Club – provided technical support and students to teach some basic phrases in Spanish to help English speaking hotline staff to triage the calls and support the caller until a Spanish speaking staff could join the call.  The Spanish club also provided information on cultural concerns, community norms, and advice to our staff on the development of the program.

The Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance provides technical support and publications on working in the Latino and Immigrant communities.


Leslie Moncada joined the team to provide counseling services and also participate in outreach. She provides individual and group counseling for victims of sexual assault and rape as well as support services for victims needing help through the court system and immigration concerns.  She continues to be a valuable part of RCASA’s family and remains a link for us to the Latino Community.

Giovanna Carney came on the project to provide hotline and hospital accompaniment services.  She provides services at any time for victims of violence, family members and community members who call our hotline, accompanies them through the court system and provides outreach in the community.  Giovanna will be moving to a case management and legal advocacy and outreach position in July as we receive additional funding from Kaiser Permanente to enhance and expand our services to the Latino and Immigrant communities.

Leslie Fannon started as a student volunteer from University of Mary Washington who is bi-lingual in Spanish and English.  She started as a volunteer on the hotline to provide hotline and medical accompaniment services and translation services for Spanish speaking survivors and their families.  She translated many of our documents for data and client use.She then became an administrative assistant to provide program support.  After graduation from UMW, she left Fredericksburg to pursue graduate studies but remains on our volunteer hotline support team to provide phone support services to survivors of violence.

Nilsa Correa was hired on the project to be a program assistant for the counseling program.  She helped clients seeking counseling services set up appointments, provided phone support for Spanish-speaking survivors and their families, assisted in liaison duties with community partners and in the translation of documents.  She has since returned to Puerto Rico but remains in touch with RCASA.

Sylvia Torres was hired on the project to provide weekend hotline and medical accompaniment services.  She was an invaluable part of the project from the beginning to set up services within the Latino community, provide crisis and emergency support and follow-up with the families.  While she remains full-time at RCDV, she continues to provide help and support for RCASA staff.

Our Latino Services Program

Our Latino services program provides services to survivors of sexual assault, rape, dating violence, and sexual abuse to the Spanish speaking community.

Our intervention services include:  24-hotline support, medical and forensic accompaniment, legal advocacy and court accompaniment, and counseling (both group and individual).

Our education services include outreach to the community, participation in community events, brochures, flyers and other information in Spanish, and prevention curriculums.   Just email education@rcasa.org if you want us to attend or provide a training or email casemanagement@rcasa.org if you need legal advocacy.

The Future of our Latino Program

FACT’s funding has helped us significantly get our Latino program off the ground and build our relationship with the Latino community.  As we move into this coming fiscal year, Kaiser Permanente steps in to provide $50,000 in funding to continue and enhance our program.  With Kaiser’s support, we will be able to serve more people from the Latino and Immigrant communities through direct services and outreach.  We will implement Patient Navigators to help Spanish speaking and immigrant survivors of sexual assault and abuse through crisis, medical and forensic services, legal advocacy and prosecution, and counseling services.   Many of our current staff will continue in their roles and grow into new roles.  Giovanna will move from hotline support to a regular daily presence in the agency to provide outreach to the community, crisis support, medical/forensic/and legal advocacy, and navigation through allied community partners.  Leslie Moncada will continue providing counseling services to survivors and their families. Dilcia Molina and Madre Tierra will continue to provide support and help on the continued development of our program.  And we will continue to seek technical advice from our sister anti-violence agencies: Rappahannock Council on Domestic Violence, Services for Abuse Families, The Haven, and The Virginia Sexual And Domestic Violence Action Alliance.


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