Art Therapy Thursday: Arts in Healthcare

In Art therapy, Sexual Assault Awareness, Therapy on June 3, 2010 at 8:59 am

Cathy Malchiodi is an art therapist, visual artist, independent scholar, and author in the fields of art therapy and art in healthcare. Cathy currently writes a blog for Psychology Today entitled “The Healing Arts” and recently wrote about the arts in healthcare.

” The “arts in healthcare” is a wide-ranging international movement that covers the waterfront of possibilities for how the arts enhance lives and impact patient care, hospital environments, care for caregivers, and community-building within medical and other settings. Also known by some as “arts in medicine,” the use of the arts in healthcare has been around for many decades with a recent surge in growth during the last ten years despite a bumpy economy and the rocky ride to healthcare reform. Over the last two decades, research on how the arts– visual, music, movement, drama, literature, creative writing, and humor– enhance health has increased exponentially…”

Check out Cathy’s full post Arts in Health Care: Creativity for the Health of It


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