RCASA’s Saturday Prevention: Mental Health Awareness Month

In Education, Outreach, Prevention on May 15, 2010 at 8:00 am

May is Mental Health Month, which began in 1949. This year, the theme “Live Your Life Well,” challenges us to promote health and wellness in homes, communities, schools, and inform those who don’t believe it’s attainable.

Every day, Americans are affected by the myriad challenges, stresses and demands on their lives. And every day, they seek help in responding to them.

The good news is there are tested and effective tools that are readily available and free that anyone can use to help them cope better and improve their well-being.

This Mental Health Month, Mental Health America is encouraging Americans to use these tools, which form the Live Your Life WellSM campaign.

Live Your Life WellSMis a national public education campaign dedicated to helping people better cope with stress and enhancing their well-being. Stress can take a huge toll on a person’s health, mood, productivity and relationships, but specific, evidence-based tools can help counterbalance these effects.

Mental Health America created Live Your Life WellSMto increase the number of people who take action to protect their mental health, both in the face of ongoing stress and in times of great personal challenge.

The heart of the program is the Live Your Life WellSM website—that provides 10 research-based, straightforward tools and ways to apply them in everyday life. From relaxation techniques to journaling exercises to simple ways to get better sleep and improve eating habits, the materials offer a wide range of resources to build resiliency and well-being.

For more information visit http://www.nmha.org/go/may.

Information from Mental Health America


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