Final Book Club Post for “We Were the Mulvaneys”

In Education, Sexual Assault Awareness on May 2, 2010 at 9:00 am

Sorry to all of my fellow book club members for not posting last week, we had a really great event in Stafford County that I attended.

This book has so many different layers to it, as does any story that involves sexual violence.  How can a Mother send her daughter away just for her husband’s sake?   How can you live in a family that looks so great from the outside but they can’t talk to each other?

I guess the main part I struggled with was the Mother not supporting her daughter. I just cannot imagine any instance in which I could not stand by my children.   The entire story centers around the fact that this family’s structure was set up from the start with a very shaky foundation. Corianne always felt as though she didn’t deserve to be in a relationship with Michael.

You can never go into any relationship where you don’t feel that you are on equal ground, it will set everything else up for failure.  You will always try to make things “perfect” which is not a possibility.

The message I got from this book was: ” If you can’t talk to your family about everything that goes on in your life, you will fail if anything goes wrong.  If you think that you have a perfect life and one thing goes wrong – you will crumble.  This is exactly what happened in the Mulvaney family. They had one thing wrong happen and they completely fell apart.

If anyone in your life has been a victim of sexual violence; the worst thing you can do is not talk.. Silence and avoidance will never make the assault go away.  If you need help there are places like Rappahannock Council Against Sexual Assault in most communities.  If you don’t know the right words, find them.  If you care about a person that has been victimized: get help, not only for them but for yourself because you are a secondary victim.  Thank you so much for being part of our first RCASA Book Club, it has been really fun giving my opinion on this fantastic story and how relevant it is to our mission here.  Thanks Again,   Megan


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