RCASA Friday FACTS: Engaging Men and Taking Action

In Education, Friday Facts, Outreach, Prevention on April 23, 2010 at 8:00 am
A MYTH about sexual  Assault:
RAPE is sex.

The TRUTH is:

Rape is a crime motivated by a need to control, humiliate and harm.
Rapists use sexual assault as a weapon to hurt and dominate others.

To truly transform cultural and social norms, society can start by
acknowledging masculinity and then engage men in the discussion
rather than blame them. Both men and women can be victimized and are also
capable of being the perpetrator of sexual assault. In order to
create a safer environment, we can first start by demonstrating to
others that a sexually charged atmosphere in the wrong context is
damaging to men and women alike.  

Take these steps:
  • Pay attention to the words you use in reference to women.
  • Do not refer to women with dehumanizing words.
  • Reflect on your own behavior and work on changing any sexist, controlling or abusive behaviors of your own.
  • Women-You need to respect each other and stick up for other women.
  • Men- ask women how they would like you to help to prevent sexual assault.
  • Don't allow yourself to simply be a bystander.
The bystander effect is one of the most well-known
psychological studies in examining how our social consciences
work, and what it says is:
When there is an attack or crime being committed,
the more bystanders there are, the less likely it is
that any of them will actually help.  
  • Know your help will help, no matter what.
  • More often than not, all it takes is a single word or gesture that shows the perpetrator that people notice.


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