RCASA Friday Facts: Services for Children & Youth

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Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence ACTION ALLIANCE advocates to…

Support a budget amendment to Provide services for children and youth who have been exposed to sexual and/or domestic violence.

Chief Patrons: Senator Whipple, Item #1s & Delegate O’Bannon, Item 330#1h

Quick Facts:

  • With the approval of this budget amendment,  the marriage license fee would increase to $45, generating approximately $580,000 to provide Virginia’s first state funding for children and youth services at Sexual Assault Crisis Centers and Domestic Violence Programs.
  • Currently in Virginia $10 of the $30 marriage license fee is allocated to the Virginia Department of Social Services for domestic violence services (of remaining $20, $10 goes to the General Fund, and $10 is collected by clerk as a charge for the service).

– Local Domestic Violence Programs  have   been recieving a portion of the marriage license fee since 1982.

-The fee has not been increased since 1993.

28 other states allocate a portion of their marriage license fees for domestic violence services.  The average marriage license fee is $44. The average amount of the marriage license fee allocated to domestic violence services is $20.

  • The new funding will provide age appropriate services and prevention programming to children and youth who have been exposed to domestic or sexual violence and are accessing the services of community based Domestic Violence Programs or Sexual Assault Crisis Centers.
  • The office of Attorney General (now Governor) McDonnell’s Domestic and Sexual Violence Report for 2008 includes a rommendation to promote and provide resrouces for children’s services.
  • In 2006-2008, with federal demonstration grant funding of merely $15,000 each for 18 months, and a planned, deliberate and strategic approach, three Virginia Domestic Violence Programs were able to serve over 1,000 children and 125 adults, plus provide comprehensive training to almost 300 public school personnel (in 2007 all 47 Domestic Violence Programs were able to serve only 2,800 children).
  • Thoughts from a director of dual Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Agency in Virginia: “Without children’s programs in agencies like ours, we only expect to see more violence in the future.”

If you have any questions or concerns about this information, please free to contact Stacy Rubie or Kristine Hall  at publicpolicy@vsdvalliiance.org or 804-377-0335.


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