RCASA’s Art Therapy Thursday: Found Art by Beth Peacock

In Art therapy, Sexual Assault Awareness on February 25, 2010 at 8:12 am

We search and sometimes we don’t find what we are looking for; but it can find us.  And in the most unlikely places.  The glimmer of a button dropped on the sidewalk, a giveaway piece of furniture, bits of string saved over the years.  When the moment of recognition comes, will we trust our sudden enthusiasm and create whatever we feel called to make, regardless of whether its fits with anyone else’s idea of beauty, usefulness or even propriety!   Art made from other’s discards can be bring the thrill of recognition of own uniqueness and our ability to see beyond the ordinary.  Creating requires no explanations, no statements or excuses.  It may be that it is simply relaxing to sew 100 jelly beans to a piece of cardboard.  Or it may be that those yellow jelly beans make a statement, at the very least to ourselves, that we have longed our whole life to make. 

Making found art requires nothing but the belief that we are free to make our own choices of what is valuable. 

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand,  And Heaven in a Wild Flower…..”  from Wm. Blake’s Auguries of Innocence

 Beth Peacock


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