RCASA’s Tuesdays with Traci: Freedom To Be All That We Wish To Be

In Advocacy, Sexual Assault Awareness on December 22, 2009 at 9:00 am

Freedom is more than a condition that exists for us in the physical world. It is an internal condition as well. Freedom is the essence of our being. The word freedom implies our right to choose what works best for us, to choose who we want to be.

How wonderful that, no matter our circumstances, we are free to define ourselves as we see fit. We are free to change and grow. We are free to release those things in our lives for which we no longer have use, or have outgrown. We are free to adopt any life-enhancing attitude or behavoir that we desire. We are free to act on our own behalf, to set boundaries, to receive love in the way we choose to. Most importantly, we are free to love ourselves as we walk through our own unique life journeys. There are no limitations on where we will arrive- only those we set for ourselves.

A life well lived is about freedom from the bondage of our past–from past messages or actions that once did us harm, or from our own behavoirs and beliefs that have kept us trapped in a “victim mentality.” How we view ourselves is our choice.

Today we are free not only to survive, but also to thrive. We are free to grow, to pick ourselves up when we stumble, to help others along the way. We are free to “grow where we are planted,” no matter where that might be.

Today, no matter where we are in our journey, we are finally free to love ourselves. It is our right. We are good enough.

Remind yourself today that you are free to grow both spiritually and intellectually. We are works in progress. We do not allow circumstances to stand in our way. Today is the day to claim the freedom to be your best and to do your best in accomplishing your heart’s desire.  Ask yourself, What do I most wish for? What do I want to do? In a life without limitations, what is my greatest desire?  Then claim this desire.

Know that, despite the situations in your life, you hold a unique place in the universe- the greatest gift you can give yourself is to claim this place in the universe.  Stretch out your arms- embrace the freedom that is divinely yours!


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