RCASA’s Wednesday Outreach: Volunteer Training Alert

In Sexual Assault Awareness on December 2, 2009 at 9:35 am

Here at RCASA, we are gearing up for another great volunteer training!  It is always really exciting to get a new group of volunteers, staff, and interns involved in our agency who will soon learn just exactly how you get to be “Against Sexual Assault”. It seems like a no brainer, but there is alot more to being a part of this agency than just recognizing the problem of sexual assault. We have to learn not only where the victim of a sexual assault is coming from, but also how to help get them where they need to go in order to begin the healing process. To do this we have to recognize and understand the roles of the many different people involved in this healing process. In our agency, we work as a team with clearly defined roles– crisis responders, education and outreach, case mangers, court advocates, counselors, and the very important people who get down to the actual business of keeping us not just afloat, but running smoothly. Outside our agency we have healthcare professionals, investigators, prosecutors, allied agencies and resources. We have to all keep a healthy respect for all the spokes in the wheel that turn in order to to change the lives of our clients, and hopefully our community as a whole. Just one person CAN make a difference, but when we get together, we can truly change the world. Everyone who comes to the RCASA Volunteer Training is going to take on an important role in the battle against sexual assault. They will know what their comrades are doing both in the agency and in the community. They will understand how vital their own mission is, as well as how they are a part of something bigger. It is truly an honor to take all these good intentions and direct them into great actions. I am grateful for another chance to show off what we are always raving about at the agency, RCASA ROCKS!


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