RCASA’s Wednesday Outreach: A Training that Changes You

In Professional Training, Sexual Assault Awareness on November 25, 2009 at 9:00 am

Being a current graduate student interning at RCASA, I knew September would bring the usual introduction into a new school year, new settings, and new classes.  However, this time included my first experience at a therapy site in relation to the Clinical Psychology track in my program.  I was feeling comfortable and confident coming into the meetings, having been in the field for a while and having already spent a year working at a Domestic Violence agency, which required a similar type of training.  However, this was a more informative and exciting training that I had ever expected, and I am partially talking about Corey this time.

The trainings helped me to understand the depth and the core of the issue of sexual assault.  It was something that no previous experience in the domestic violence realm or any class or textbook could explain to me as powerfully as Corey and her many helpers did, her team of educators.  I thought I had an idea of what the issue of sexual assault meant and what it meant to me as a future interning therapist, but I was wrong. 

Beginning with the training and continuing into what I am doing today, RCASA has taught me a lot.  Whether you are in the field or just looking to do some volunteer work, this is an experience that will fulfill you in multiple ways.  The skills and tools you will learn will not only help you in your RCASA role, but will help you to better deal with your everyday life and maybe even help your friends to cope at times!  Active listening, understanding, and empathy are skills that will better anyone’s life and the relationships you maintain.  Working with these skills to do what you can to help another human in a crisis situation is only the current frame of skills you will learn in training.

Coming into Corey’s trainings with an open mind is the best thing to can do to help yourself most clearly understand what the issue at hand is and what RCASA is about.  She has a special way about helping one to understand the gravity of the situation, while making the trainings a time to be thoughtful and thankful. Thankful that you are currently in a position to be able to offer your own special form of help.   It is a special talent that Corey has, to be able to take a subject that is so heavy, yet inspire you to want to do all that you can to help anyone and everyone who comes across your path.



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