RCASA Offers a Writing Course:The Art of Personal Narrative

In Sexual Assault Awareness on October 29, 2009 at 3:02 pm

RCASA is currently offering a writing course, The Art of Personal Narrative, to our post-trauma therapy clients. Through the narrative genres of biography and memoir, students are actively engaging their own life stories in writing. Every human being must face the questions of destiny and identity. Who are we? What is the meaning in our life? These questions are often best explored through writing—the writing of our own life experiences. We write to give voice to the hidden. The writer’s job is to “turn the unspeakable into words—not just any words, but if we can, into rhythm and blues.” Students in The Art of Personal Narrative are doing just that. They are learning, through the use of “creative” writing strategies to employ voice, metaphor, pacing in their own work. Students then “workshop” their stories with other class members as they revise and craft their narratives into a polished, final piece of writing.  In workshop, students learn, through the commonality of their stories, the similar themes and threads, that they are not alone.  Student involvement in a “group” process through which they learn to identify themselves as writers with viable voices and narratives continues to facilitate their recovery.  Ultimately, students become self-empowered both individually, and as a group, as they explore their lives and write their unique personal truths on the page.

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