Afghan Women’s Project

In Awareness Campaigns on August 18, 2009 at 3:17 pm


Sometimes, when searching for news stories to blog about, it’s usually what makes me angriest that day.  This is great for getting riled up, but at the same time it’s difficult to always focus on what is negative.  I try and turn the things that make me angry into something constructive, and I think I have been, thus far, successful.

So, what was making me angry this week was the new law in Afghanistan that has received plenty of press already.  I was especially frustrated by a news interview that showed Afghan President Karzai justifying the law by stating that Afghanistan is not America, it is a Muslim country.  I’ve decided not to post the video and not to say what I really think about President Karzai; instead I will only say this: Religion is never an appropriate justification for the objectification of women. Never.

Now, I’d like to present to you some women who are not letting their situation and the injustices against them stop them from having their voices heard.  The Afghan Women Writer’s Project is an effort by Afghan women, both through a  blog & Facebook.  These are unbelievably strong women who are not letting the censorship of government or men get in the way of their voices.

From poetry to expository prose to fiction, this blog will keep you reading for hours.  It’s a beautiful tribute to the strength of these women.

Here are some examples of the writing you can find on their blog:

“Afghan Woman” by Roya

Who asks about my identity?
I am lost on the pages of history books.
Look at my tired face
And the dried tears in my eyes.
My first name is “Afghan woman”
My last name is “Suffer.”

My First Swimming Lessons by Meena

Please go check out these women and support them in the endeavor by leaving a comment.


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