The best thing about blogging

In Sexual Assault Awareness on July 30, 2009 at 8:00 am

So far, the best thing about blogging for RCASA has been finding all these absolutely wonderful resources.  The most intriguing and unique resource I have found is AMPLIFY.  It’s a place for young people to stand up and say something about sexual health, sexual education, reproductive rights, sexual orientation rights, sexual violence etc.  Their tagline: Every generation changes the world, it’s our turn.


I can totally relate to this message; I am only 20 years old, this is my generation.  When we are older, talking to our grandchildren about when we were kids, what are we going to tell them?  What will we have to show for our youth?  We are young and idealistic, and we have the opportunity to ignite change.  Many of the issues that were common during our parents’ and grandparents’ adolescence are still prominent today, and it’s no doubt that things have improved in some areas (more racial and gender equality, rights for GLBTQ community, etc), but there’s also no doubt that in no way is the fight over.

So far, I love Amplify.  I love everything it stands for, I love that it’s young people working to make the world a better place by understanding and fighting real-world issues that affect everyone.  Amplify makes it easier to make a difference: like their URL says, amplify your voice!  Use the web to make it louder and stronger and make the biggest difference you can.


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